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National Partners

The Gambia Hotel Association (GHA)

The Gambia Hotel Association (GHA) has been in existence for over twenty five years. Over the years its membership has grown (30 hotels) and all major hotels are members of the Association.

Member hotels are not only located in the major tourist resorts but also in other areas of The Gambia and represent the best choice for your stay in Gambia from budget 2 star hotels to first class boutique hotels.

The Association is recognized as important stakeholder within Gambian tourism and is represented though it’s Secretariat and Executive members. All members have to comply with the Constitution of the Association and are thus bound to offer you good quality and service with a smile!

The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET)

The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET) was established in April 2000 in order to bring together, advocate for, and promote a large number of small enterprises that were active in the tourism industry in The Gambia.

These businesses include craft market vendors, tourist taxi drivers, official tourist guides, juice pressers and fruit sellers as well as a number of small hotels, guest houses and ground tour operators etc.

Within five years ASSET has attracted more than eighty organizations into membership, has hosted an international conference on Fair Trade in Tourism, has been recognized by the Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) as an important voice for the previously voiceless and has become a leading player in the Gambian Responsible Tourism Partnership programme that is being led by the GTA.  This programme brings together the principal stakeholders in the tourism industry (government, tour operators, ground handlers, hoteliers and small scale businesses) in order to ensure that the adverse impacts of tourism are minimized and that maximum benefits are gained by local people and their communities. 

ASSET's future goals include the training of large numbers of personnel working in tourism, the development and implementation of industry wide standards and the marketing of the diverse and excellent services that are provided by ASSET members.

ASSET won the Best for Poverty Reduction award during the First Choice Responsible Tourism Awards 2005 held at the World Travel Market in London. The event was sponsored by First Choice Holidays PLC in association with, The Times, World Travel Market and Geographical Magazine

Gambia International Airlines Limited (GIA)

Gambia International Airlines Limited (GIA) is the national carrier of The Gambia. Since its inception in 1996, it has been providing ground handling services at Banjul International Airport, processing cargo for companies and individuals, travel agency services to travellers as well as transport Gambian pilgrims annually to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform hajj. Our well-trained, dedicated and courteous workforce goes the extra mile to provide satisfactory services to our customers as enshrined in our official strap line. In recognition of our excellent services, GIA in 2010 won the prestigious award of the Most Passionate/Improved Handling Company within Brussels Airlines African Network, beating off a record number of other competitors across the continent. This achievement is associated with our attainment of AHM804 certification by IATA.

GIA Mission: GIA aspires to be the leader in the airline industry in the West Africa sub region by providing superior quality services to our customers at reasonable prices and to continuously improve the financial strength of the company.

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was established by the Government of The Gambia as an autonomous body in July 1991 (under the Public Enterprise Act of 1989) to give effect to the Chicago Convention and to monitor and regulate the aviation industry in The Gambia to acceptable International Standards. In addition to its traditional role of regulating and managing the aviation industry for the facilitation of safe, regular and efficient air transportation in the Gambia, the GCAA is also entrusted with the management of Banjul International Airport (BIA) which includes among other things to ensure the provision and maintenance of the required infrastructure and facilities as per user demand.

The Authority took over the functions of the defunct Department of Civil Aviation of the Gambia and now enjoys the status of autonomous body like other public enterprises reporting to the Department of State for Works, Construction and Infrastructure through the Authority’s Board of Directors.

The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA)

As the Agency responsible for the promotion and facilitation of investments in The Gambia, the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) work closely with stakeholders in both the public and private sector in our drive to create employment and generate wealth for the people of The Gambia. Key amongst the interdepartmental collaboration and partnerships formed by GIEPA is the one with the Gambia Tourism Board through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to promote and facilitate investments in the tourism sector. This Investment Forum reflects the joint priorities of both institutions as part of national efforts to reposition The Gambia as a tourist paradise as enshrined in the VISION 2020 blueprint.

This Investment Forum underpins the need to direct inward investments into the investment priority sectors that are deemed relevant for achievement of accelerated development. Tourism has been earmarked as an investment priority sector considering its immeasurable capacity to reduce household poverty through employment creation (formal and informal). Besides, developing the tourism sector can preserve our much needed hard currency reserves and strengthen the national Balance of Payments.

Given its current socio-economic contributions and the untapped potentials of the tourism sector, there is urgent need for further strengthening the sector with investments in the value chain. GIEPA will continue to exploit the legal instruments at its disposal as it strives to partner with the Gambia Tourism Board in creating a versatile tourism industry that truly lives up to expectations. We recognize that the sustainability of the tourism industry anchors on the growth of tourist numbers which in turn is a function of investment and diversity of products and services on offer. This forum is one of the strategies of creating more awareness of the immense investment opportunities in the sector and increasing investor interest in the development of the industry

The Government of The Gambia, through the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment has a number of incentives to encourage and facilitate investments in the tourism industry. Under the GIEPA Act 2010, there are numerous fiscal incentives designed to attune government priorities with the needs of the investors in the tourism sector. These fiscal incentives include but are not limited to tax holidays and a host of others. The review and further refinement of the investment code is in progress with the aim of enhancing the capacity of the Agency to provide an array of investment incentives that create value-for-money for the investors.

Given that employment creation and household poverty reduction remains key priorities for the Government of The Gambia, GIEPA shall continue to complement government efforts through the promotion and facilitation of investments into the priority sectors. GIEPA will continue to work hand-in-glove with the GT Board in its efforts to market The Gambia as a Tourist Paradise by drawing in the much needed high value investments into the tourism value chain that can help diversify the tourism landscape and offer our high value tourists value-for-money.



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