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This version of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) is based on the activities envisaged under the Project Preparatory Advance (PPA). The PPA will be implemented by the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MoFEA) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MoTC). The PIU to be set up by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture will update this SEP thirty (30) days after project effectiveness to cover the activities envisaged for the main project. The SEP will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, throughout the implementation of the PPA. This SEP will be prepared by the PIU of the MoFEA in consultation with the relevant stakeholders acceptable to the Association. It will describe the timing and methods of engagement with stakeholders throughout the implementation of the project, including the identification of stakeholders, their main characteristics and interests, the different levels of engagement and consultation that would be appropriate for different stakeholders, strategies for information disclosure, measures to remove obstacles to stakeholder participation and how the views of differently affected parties will be captured and addressed, as such the SEP will be amended from time to time with the prior written agreement of the Association